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Pricedex® AutoPIM Pro™ is the aftermarket's only end-to-end Product Information Management (PIM) solution. Developed specifically for aftermarket suppliers, distributors and retailers, AutoPIM Pro offers full ACES and PIES compliance - in one system.

AutoPIM Pro is designed to help the aftermarket manage, normalize, catalog, synchronize and communicate all its Product Information thought the entire supply chain - in whatever form and to whatever standards the various trading partners require. With Pricedex AutoPIM Pro, manufacturers, distributors and retailers can now exchange accurate, standardized and complete product and application information, along with images, documents and pricing data - accurately, the first time and every time.

Off-the-Shelf and Easy to Implement

Pricedex products are proven off-the-shelf technologies that can be integrated seamlessly with your business. Our unique platform architecture enables rapid configuration of your business rules and methodologies - without creating custom software code. We map to your environment without imposing process change, resulting in a shorter implementation, and at significantly lower cost than alternative custom solutions. Later on, should you choose to change your practices, our system easily and rapidly adapts without further IT involvement.

Fits all Sizes of Aftermarket Business

Pricedex is committed to providing scalable and modular technology to businesses of all sizes, from specialty and accessory manufacturers to global parts suppliers.

AutoPIM Pro™ is an enterprise-class solution that fully automates the "Four Pillars of PIM" - Part and Product Management, Pricing Management, Catalog Management, and Data Synchronization - all in one application. And, using the PDM Explorer product line to complete the solution, publishing dynamic and automated e-catalogs has never been easier.

AutoPIM™ is designed to meet the needs of smaller manufacturers to create, manage and maintain PIES-compliant product information.

'The reaction of aftermarket  executives to our AutoPIM solution has been   phenomenal.  Most didnít know that such a complete solution even existed Ė especially an off-the-shelf product with a proven track record' - Terence O'Reilly, President and CEO, Pricedex Software Inc.
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AutoPIM Pro Benefits

Manage PIES and ACES data in one system
Maintain standards for multiple markets (light vehicle, heavy-duty, off-highway, etc.)
Create custom regional catalogs
Ensure swift DAC certification, continuous synchronization with customers
Enable full connectivity to internal and external business and e-commerce systems
Publish PIES XML, e-catalogs, print catalogs and more.

The Pricedex Solution

Pricedex AutoPIM solutions help you dynamically manage your product, part and pricing information to generate more revenue and lower your selling costs. With AutoPIM, you'll find customers prefer to deal with your organization because they're finally getting the right part, at the right price, at the right place, at the right time - all the time.

Pricedex AutoPIM solutions comply with Autocare Association standards
Product Information Exchange Standard and Autocare Association Catalog Enhancement Standard

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