Pricedex Software Inc., the aftermarket’s leading Product Information Management (PIM) solution provider, and the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), the exclusive manufacturer association providing leadership in the global automotive aftermarket, recently signed an agreement creating an online customer e-commerce matrix for members.

Under the agreement, Pricedex will provide its technology and hosting services to the members of the MEMA Information Services Council (MIS Council), a peer council of IT/IS/E-commerce managers of AASA member companies, for a tool to facilitate e-commerce among automotive aftermarket trading partners.

The Customer E-commerce Matrix is a Web-based application that profiles data receivers and identifies the electronic file requirements and formats in which retailers, warehouse distributors, e-catalog providers and other consumers of manufacturer catalog and product information request and receive data.

“The Customer E-commerce Matrix will enable our members to quickly identify the range of standards and technologies their customers require,” said Chris Gardner, vice president of AASA and director of the MIS Council. “Members will be able to focus on the standards, versions, documents, communication medium and fields used by their top customers or prospects and not worry about the others. This will streamline our members’ internal processes and systems.”

Technologies and standards included in the initial Matrix are EDI, e-catalog, PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) and IPO (Internet Parts Ordering).

“This tool will give AASA members the ability to maintain and manage which receivers they need to produce data for and, conversely, receivers that do business with AASA members will be able to maintain a list of all the data attributes and formats in which they wish to receive product information,” said Terry O’Reilly, Pricedex CEO. “Maintaining customer profiles is an essential process in product information management and provides an essential set of business rules for the creation of syndicated data files. Having this information on hand, accurate and up-to-date will enable many data suppliers to simplify their processes for syndicating product data and will help speed the time-to-market of more accurate product information. We are delighted to lend our expertise and technology to the AASA and help them facilitate better data management and e-commerce practices among their members,” he said.

The Customer E-commerce Matrix will be first demonstrated to MIS Council members during the upcoming MIS Council Fall Conference, which will be held Sunday, Oct. 14 through Tuesday, Oct. 16 in Marco Island, Fla.

For more information about the MIS Council, the Customer E-commerce Matrix, AASA or the Fall Conference, please contact Chris Gardner at 919-406-8830.