BROCKVILLE, ONT and Ann Arbor, Mich., July 16, 2007 – MAHLE Clevite and Pricedex Software, Inc., today announced that MAHLE Clevite Inc. will implement the complete Pricedex Product Information Management (PIM) system to serve its customers in the North American and international markets.

“We have been listening to our customers in the marketplace, and to the urging of our industry associations to embrace industry standards and improve our internal data management processes to ensure the speed to market of accurate and complete product information,” said Jesse Jones, head of marketing for MAHLE Clevite and 25-year veteran of the aftermarket.

“We have listened, and so have our new owners. Our decision to select Pricedex was quite easy, actually. We wanted a leading technology solution that would handle both our existing light-vehicle and heavy-duty parts portfolios – including managing pricing. With the additional challenge of merging MAHLE Clevite’s diverse product lines, we needed the added flexibility the Pricedex system could offer.”

Jones added, “Based on our research, they’re the only company that provides a complete and flexible PIM solution that can serve our multiple markets, merge all the brands acquired in the acquisition, and that can also serve the requirements of our global business and standards. Finally, Pricedex actually has a proven, successful track record in our industry. One of the big differentiators for us was that the Pricedex people don’t just know software — they know the parts business.”

MAHLE Clevite is part of Germany’s MAHLE Group, a Top 30 and nearly $5.7-billion OEM and aftermarket supplier of automotive parts.

“We are very pleased that MAHLE Clevite has selected Pricedex and our AutoPIM Pro solution,” said Terry O’Reilly, Pricedex President and CEO. “We fully support the industry’s effort to adopt parts standards because we know this is something that must happen to improve efficiency and drive cost and time out of the value chain. And we believe that ongoing standards-compliance is dependent upon good Product Information Management (PIM). We are absolutely committed to helping manufacturers and their customer groups achieve this transformation. Going forward, companies that adopt a complete PIM solution will be the companies that can compete profitably and respond quickly to market conditions and customer requirements.”

“MAHLE Clevite will implement all ‘four pillars’ of PIM in the Pricedex solution,” said Ron Friskney, head of product management for MAHLE Clevite. These include modules for part and product management; pricing management; catalog and publishing management; and data synchronization.

Friskney went on to say, “We are especially excited with our new coverage tools, enabling us to better incorporate vehicle and sales research into our system and planning processes. We expect this to significantly improve our capability to provide our customers the right coverage at the right time, and to improve our future needs analysis. With the Pricedex tools, we gain excellent visibility into our OE and market research, as well as our interchanges, and will be able to make rapid, informed coverage decisions.”

Jones said he expects to see dramatic improvements over the older, legacy systems they have been using. “Fifteen years ago, we developed a leading technology, but since then, like most manufacturers, we have been working with a patchwork of ERP systems, none of which can provide us what we need. We have been bridging from that by throwing people at a problem – for instance in pricing analysis, or catalog publishing. In today’s competitive market, that is just not financially practical.

“Customers are demanding speed and flexibility, and the only way for manufacturers to respond is to do what Scott Luckett (Autocare Association), Chris Gardner (MEMA), and Alise Miner (SEMA) have been saying for some time at our industry association meetings – you have to have clean, compliant data in industry-standard format. This move with Pricedex should be a clear signal to our customers – and to the industry – that we have, indeed, heard them and we are responding. And, we will conform, not only to North American standards, but to global standards as well.”

Some of the improvements Friskney says he expects MAHLE Clevite customers will see are the following:


  • Faster speed to market of new products and updates, because Pricedex analytical and publishing tools will allow automated research, analysis and integration of data into reports, as well as automated publishing of catalogs and price sheets.
  • Format flexibility to give customers the data they want, in the format that best complies with their system requirements – whether PIES, ACES, or other industry formats.
  • Access to better coverage and improved and accurate supporting market research through the incorporation and integration of vehicle population, OE data, point of sale and other pricing data, across a robust interchange.
  • Flexibility to respond to customer requirements both within one industry and across multiple industries such as light-vehicle and heavy-duty channels which have different information standards.
  • Accountability for catalog content, through repatriation of outsourced cataloging and publishing – resulting in greater control, better content accuracy, flexible custom publishing and as much as “80% faster time to market.”
  • A fully interactive Web catalog, allowing real-time posting of new parts and pricing and recovering of lost revenue due to publication restraints
  • Completeness and accuracy of full, rich, robust and synchronized product data, allowing MAHLE Clevite to “speak the language” of its customers in content and form.


“Simply put,” Friskney emphasized, “our mission is to deliver good data, and speak to each of our customers with the info and formats they want – and to output ‘Industry Standard Data’ to any receiver capable of receiving ‘Industry Standard Data’. And, with the Pricedex system, we intend to do just that.”

“With the explosion in the number of makes and models of new cars and trucks – not only in the U.S. but around the world with China and India coming on stream — and the corresponding increase in the numbers of service parts – automotive aftermarket manufacturers and parts resellers will be increasingly challenged to efficiently and profitably manage the millions of pieces of product information required to support the distribution, selection and purchase of the right parts,” said O’Reilly.

“You can’t expect to be successful in this day and age with expensive, antiquated legacy systems that simply can’t give you the management information you need to properly run a major company in a global marketplace. Nor will simple ‘point solutions’, or partial PIM solutions solve the problem. The MAHLE Clevite folks are definitely on the right track, and living up to their corporate credo, ‘Driven by Performance’. As Ron says, ‘you’ve got to get your arms around the whole parts management problem, not just part of it,’ and that’s what our solution allows manufacturers to do.”

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