For several years, aftermarket organizations and executives have been discussing the advantages of product information management (PIM) and the benefits that could accrue to value chain participants if such a system was adopted, including the ability to comply with Industry Data Standards.

In the meantime, a number of companies have developed ‘point solutions’ or relatively limited systems they are calling ‘PIM solutions’, and are offering them to aftermarket companies.

To help industry executives and their personnel understand the depth and breadth of a comprehensive Product Information Management system, Pricedex has developed a comprehensive but easy-to-read whitepaper that explains what you need to know about all “four pillars of PIM” when considering such a solution.

The whitepaper, entitled “The Four Pillars of PIM”, reveals the importance of product information management (PIM) to the bottom-line profitability of companies in the automotive aftermarket. It also examines the four critical categories of process management which comprise a complete and comprehensive technology solution.

Much more than a simple catalog publishing tool, a comprehensive product information management solution should integrate all four “pillars” of process management:


  • Product & part management
  • Pricing management
  • Catalog & publishing management
  • Data synchronization


“No PIM system or set of processes is truly complete without addressing these four key pillars – in fact, without addressing each of these key areas, technologies that purport to be Product Information Management solutions are really only partial, or ‘point’ solutions,” says Terry O’Reilly, Pricedex CEO. “This whitepaper will serve as a primer on the four pillars of PIM with the intention of helping readers understand the financial, resource and customer service advantages that can accrue to companies that implement a full and robust PIM solution.”

To obtain a free copy of this informative whitepaper, please visit There you can read it online, or download a PDF version.