Helping companies optimize their profit potential through more timely and effective pricing will be the compelling subject of a webinar hosted by Pricedex Software, the leading Pricing and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions provider.  The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, October 11, 2007, at 12:00 Noon, ET.

The one-hour webinar, entitled “The Art of Pricing Execution,” will focus on helping companies optimize their profit potential through automation of, and collaboration within the Pricing process.  It will focus on four key topics:  Change Management, Competitive Monitoring, Pricing Determination and Execution, and “Revenue Leakage” – a business metric for measuring the cost of slow time-to-market.

The webinar, part of a continuing series offered in conjunction with the Professional Pricing Society (PPS), will be moderated by PPS Vice President Chris Buckingham, and presented by Terry O’Reilly, CEO of Pricedex, and Jeffrey Marshall, Director of Business Development.

“There has been a lot of discussion in the industry about Product Information Management (PIM)”, says O’Reilly, “but there is not a common understanding of all the elements and processes that comprise a comprehensive PIM strategy.  For the most part, there is a good understanding that part management and cataloging are two important ‘pillars of PIM’, but what of Pricing Management and the communication of pricing as part of an overall PIM system?  These key functions are generally overlooked and frequently left out of the discussion, and yet are arguably the most essential processes required to fulfill and complete a transaction with a customer.  Simply put, without the right price associated with the right part or SKU, how can a transaction take place?  Yet, time and time again, we discover pricing process ‘entrenched’ in a siloed bunker within our corporations – with little or no interaction with sales, marketing, or logistics operations.  We intend, in this webinar, to demonstrate how the pricing process needs to, and should, tie in with these other associate product information management processes.”

For Professional Pricers, the webinar will highlight solutions that enable full and rapid execution of pricing strategies.  It will also show attendees how to tie strategies to time-saving collaborative processes in order to implement, establish and convey pricing information effectively through the enterprise, while accelerating the distribution of this critical product information to sales channels and customers.

To register online, please go to the Professional Pricing Society website,  For further information, please contact Pricedex Software,