Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC), a unit of DaimlerChrysler, is widely acknowledged as having an industry-leading product and parts information management system that has resulted in significant gains in efficiency, parts ordering speed and accuracy, and greatly improved customer service levels.

Now, the company that developed the software solution that helped DDC achieve these gains – Pricedex Software — is being recognized for its work: Pricedex has been named recipient of Detroit Diesel’s Outstanding Service Award for 2006.

The award was presented to Pricedex CEO Terry O’Reilly at a formal ceremony held at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills. Presenting it was DDC’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, James P. Chenier, who cited Pricedex’s “unwavering, outstanding performance and contribution to Detroit Diesel parts sales and marketing,” and its “ongoing commitment to delivering outstanding customer support.”

In his address, Chenier paid tribute to the deep trust that has developed between DDC and Pricedex, and to the fact that Pricedex was not considered a vendor, but rather a technology partner. “These are words of praise that are deeply meaningful to us at Pricedex,” said O’Reilly. “It is a goal fulfilled, and a testament treasured. We will continue to strive to earn that trust and respect.”

Additionally, Chenier noted DDC’s recent adoption of Pricedex’s new Sales Reporting module, which enables DDC staff to get near-time sales activity reporting by customer or by product line, and provides one-touch roll-up reporting that gives management a full view into all aspects of sales activity.

The Sales Reporting module is only the latest in a long string of unique product and part information management tools that Pricedex has developed – and DDC has adopted – over the years:


  • Pricedex started with DDC in 2000 by implementing a new pricing management system which totally automated the company’s pricing and price publishing functions, allowing DDC to modify and roll-out new prices on millions of parts in a matter of days, rather than the six months it previously required.

  • In 2003, Pricedex implemented “The Matrix” – a customer pricing and deal management system that integrates with the DDC Warehouse Management system, and tracks and maintains special customer arrangements and deals for invoice level pricing.

  • The next year, DDC rolled out the Pricedex-developed XML-based e-Parts Catalog and Catalog Management system that allowed publishing of engine catalogs and parts manuals in any form and format, whether Web-based, CD or print-ready. As word spread within DaimlerChrysler companies of DDC’s new software system, its sister company, Freightliner, also implemented the Pricedex Pricing Management System.

  • In 2005, Pricedex implemented print on demand for serial number-based parts manuals, and developed the DDC eReports Site that shows in real time product performance by part number and product line. At the same time, Pricedex was also working to integrate Freightliner’s pricing management system with SAP.

  • And last year, Pricedex developed DDC’s new sales reporting site that tracks virtually in real time all sales activity by customer, region and product line up to the “day before.”


In accepting the award on behalf of Pricedex, O’Reilly also stated, “We are extremely proud and honored to accept this recognition. We truly feel that our relationship with Detroit Diesel is a classic example of how a business partnership should and does work, and is a model for the industry.”

The Detroit Diesel Outstanding Service Award is issued by the Detroit Diesel Parts Marketing and Sales division. Recipients are selected through a process of nomination and vote of the staff and management at Detroit Diesel. Pricedex was one of only two suppliers to receive the award; the other winner was ES-3 of Rochester Hills, MI.