Pricedex Software Inc. has announced that it has signed an agreement with the Professional Pricing Society (PPS), of Atlanta, GA, to become a major sponsor and supporter of the organization.

“We are delighted to have Pricedex return to the PPS family, stated PPS President, Eric Mitchell.  Pricedex has always presented a unique value proposition to the pricing community, as evidenced by its accomplishments with companies from across the manufacturing sector; and we are pleased to add their voice to an ever-growing group of companies dedicated to supporting the profession of pricing, and to advancing the understanding of pricing management, and technological innovation in the realm of pricing tools.”

Pricedex CEO, Terry O’Reilly commented, “We have always seen pricing management as a core competency, and as a critical element of enterprise level product information management (PIM).  We are very pleased and proud to support the profession and the Society.  Price is truly the only marketing instrument that generates revenue and it deserves proper visibility, understanding, and respect for its crucial role in corporate profitability.  It is every bit as important as the quality of the actual products and services being sold by our corporations in the global marketplace.”

Pricedex personnel will also be attending the 18th Annual PPS Fall Conference, to be held October 24-26 at the Hilton Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.  This three-day event begins with a series of Pricing Workshops for professional pricers – part of the PPS accreditation program for the CPP (Certified Pricing Professional) designation, and is followed by two days of conference activities covering a wide range of topics focused on showing companies how to integrate pricing into every facet of their operations and strategic planning.

The conference itself begins on October 25th with an exceptional lineup of speakers, including General Session presentations by Reed Holden (“Pricing with Confidence”), Herman Simon (“Manage for Profit, not for Market Share”) and Rafi Mohammed (“Elevate your Pricing from Good to Great”).  The balance of the conference is dedicated to 18 breakout discussions and case histories by some of the industry’s leading pricing practitioners and industry experts.

For more information on the 18th Annual Fall Pricing Conference, or to register, please contact the Professional Pricing Society or call 770-509-9933.

About the Professional Pricing Society (PPS):

Founded in 1984, the Professional Pricing Society serves thousands of members, representing all leading industries in over 50 countries, acting as the voice of the pricing profession.

The Society’s mission is to nurture a growing community of professionals committed to disseminating pricing expertise throughout the business world.  We do this by providing a multi-platform forum through which exceptionally talented and creative experts can exchange cutting edge strategies, tactics and technology. In short, we connect great ideas with great people.

Currently, PPS produces three major annual conferences in Europe and North America. Each conference also houses a technology hall where sponsors display the latest in Pricing Solutions software. PPS also offers more than two dozen, full-day training workshops every year, taught by leaders in the pricing community. These workshops serve as the foundation for PPS’s Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation, our state of the art certification program.

To encourage further the exchange of innovative pricing ideas, the Society publishes an eight-page monthly newsletter and a 36-page quarterly journal to our worldwide membership. Further, the PPS website is a central resource for state-of-the-art pricing knowledge and hosts a job site where professionals can post or review new opportunities in the industry.

To learn more about PPS, its mission, services and events; please visit our website at: