Pricedex® Products

When tasked with managing thousands, if not millions of discrete parts, in multiple product configurations, for multiple market channels and customers, with different languages, images, digital content, pricing, and other market content, manufacturers, distributors and resellers across the sell-chain face system and process-breaking complexity.

The result of not managing this complexity is time – and resource-draining manual processes with high error rates, duplicate efforts, inaccurate information, unnecessary cost and poor customer service. The ultimate cost is money and customer goodwill.

The solution is a comprehensive Product Information Management (PIM) approach, that is tailored to your specific business requirements. Pricedex Software® is expert in providing the exact solutions that will return the highest returns on investment, by reducing the time to market for accurate, complete and rich product content.

AutoPIM Pro™

Our industry-leading, enterprise-class PIM application which brings an an end-to-end solution for all aspects of Part, Product, Pricing and Catalog Management together with the key principles of Master Data Management.

AutoPIM Pro MME™

Our mid-market enterprise version for small and medium enterprises, bringing Product Management and Catalog Management together in a single application which supports Industry Standards

AutoPIM Pro Commercial Vehicle™

Finally, a PIM solution for the Heavy Duty Aftermarket! Manage part and application information along with images and drawings, for electronic catalog or publications, while coding parts to the VMRS.

PDM Catalog Explorer™

Complementary to our AutoPIM Pro™ product family, PDM Catalog Explorer™ is an easy-to-use, internal catalog viewer providing access to up-to-date product information and digital assets, to all departments across the enterprise. Ideal for Customer Support, Sales and Marketing and other departments which rely on a single source of product information

PDM Web Explorer™

Create and maintain your external customer catalog with direct content from AutoPIM Pro™. PDM Web Explorer™ is our configurable Customer e-Catalog.

PDM Catalog Finder™

Exclusively for the Automotive Aftermarket, PDM Catalog Lookup™ provides manufacturers’ electronic catalogs with directly controlled content, which can be branded to the reseller while being hosted by the manufacturer.


Pricedex® Tools & Utilities

PDM Builder™

Our easy-to-use, reliable central repository for product, part and pricing information.

Pricedex e-Reports™

Our user-operated reporting tool that queries AutoPIM Pro and other data sources, for up-to-the-minute, informed decision support from anywhere.

The Pricedex® family of products provides an end-to-end Product Information Management platform with market-leading functionality.

The suite consolidates part and product data from disparate sources including ERP systems, pricing methodologies from spreadsheets, and other paper-based and electronic information from marketing and sales processes. It enables production of rich content, cross-media catalogs and publications, visibility of crucial pricing and other product information to support management decisions across the enterprise, and automation of a wide range of cross-departmental collaborative processes.

The end result is a streamlined management system for the creation and dissemination of accurate product information through the entire supply- and sell-chain Combined with feature-rich reporting, advanced pricing and analysis capabilities, the Pricedex PIM platform allows you to achieve new and improved levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction, and the control of key MDM methodologies.