Pricedex Software

e-Catalog Solutions

Pricedex has a unique suite of e-Catalog solutions to enhance the performance of your business, support your customers, and your Trading Partners


Pricedex e-Catalog solutions have been designed with specific customer and trading partner needs in mind.  Our e-Catalog solutions give you the power to maintain control and ownership over what your customers see, and directly controlling content updates and new product introductions.

PDM Catalog Explorer™

Using the content maintained in your AutoPIM Pro™ system, automatically create a dynamic Customer Support tool for internal departments.  PDM Catalog Explorer™ provides a tailored view to the PIM system content and access to digital assets which is invaluable to the Sales department, Marketing, and Customer Support.  Now all your departments can have working access to the most up-to-date, centralized information on all your products.

PDM Web Explorer™

Publish complete external e-Catalogs directly from your AutoPIM Pro™ system, ready-to-integrate with other e-commerce functions such as inventory checks, pricing checks, and order carts.  PDM Web Explorer™ provides a customer-tailored view to any of the product information and digital assets you want the world to see, while maintaining a master data relationship to the PIM system content to ensure only accurate, valid and complete product records are published.

PDM Catalog Finder™

Exclusively for the Automotive Aftermarket, PDM Catalog Finder™ is a published visual lookup catalog for your products, which can be quickly rebranded and syndicated to provide your trading partners with lookup for your parts.  Using the Autocare Vehicle Library filtered against your application data, PDM Catalog Finder™ provides a lookup for your products, based upon your own fitment data, and fully controlled by you.  This is a great tool to extend product reach with e-tailers and retailers.  Integrates neatly with a trading partner’s own e-Catalog, while being controlled and hosted by the originator of the product information.