PDM Builder™

PDM Builder is a versatile client-server environment in which you can access many of the core AutoPIM Pro™ tables and make additions, changes and modifications to the structures on the fly.  PDM Builder uses an object-oriented database model which permits you to access internal system tables and attributes, and enhance the database model without traditional SQL Server administrators or analysts.

PDM Builder is used to establish and maintain product and part relationships, pricing methodologies, catalog structures and business rules and logic while maintaining robust integration connections with business systems including, ERP and e-Commerce.  PDM Builder’s central repository becomes that ‘one single source of the truth in your Master Data Management Strategy.


Gain access to the rich and deep data of your PIM System with Pricedex e-Reports™, a toolset designed to increase decision-support capabilities by linking PIM system data to external reference data.

Featuring a rich reporting and analysis capability, e-Reports™ provides a new level of visibility of product information across the entire enterprise, resulting in more timely and informed business decisions. e-Reports™ is a user-operated reporting tool that queries PDM Builder and other data sources, for up-to-the-minute, informed decision support from anywhere there is intranet access. Create meaningful pricing analysis, ‘what-if’ scenarios, and gain visibility into product movement, yield, customer and supplier performance, historical selling patterns, and other crucial information from the product lifecycle to support warranty claims, supersession history and much more.