About Pricedex®

It started simply enough. We began as a company focused solely on one important and specific customer requirement: the need to auto-publish price books.

Over time, we learned along with our customers, that price and part information went far beyond simple publications. Most were faced with managing thousands or even millions of discrete parts , in multiple configurations, and for multiple markets. More often than not, these markets operated in different languages, currencies, business processes and channel requirements.

We also discovered that despite the evolution of the internet, many were still using manual processes for these tasks, costing them time, effort and accuracy that translate into lost revenue and goodwill.

We recognized that what businesses really needed, was an information management infrastructure capable of managing all product, part and pricing information, and the ability to share this information effectively with all stakeholders both within the enterprise and downstream through the customer chain. Our determination to meet this need quickly became a passion, and from this passion, a highly robust suite of products and solutions was developed. To put it another way, we evolved from a custom applications developer to a best of breed products and solutions company.

From our corporate headquarters in Brockville, Ontario, Canada, we provide our unique technology and highly developed subject matter expertise to an international base of clients including Daimler Trucks North America, Rolls-Royce Powersystems, Caterpillar and others.

Leadership & Expertise

We take pride in a strong and fiscally conservative corporate structure, built on a foundation of significant management experience from the business, manufacturing and technology sectors. Our years of experience developing product, part and pricing management solutions, across a wide cross-section of markets and customers, has made Pricedex a leading subject matter expert in this critical area of business process. We are proud of our capabilities, and enjoy the opportunity of sharing our knowledge with our customers.

Patience & Respect

We approach every customer with a high degree of respect, and work diligently to develop a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. We listen patiently to the concerns of all stakeholders to understand our customers’ businesses and determine what they want and need to become more successful.

Our operating policies truly are grounded in the old-fashioned philosophy that our customers’ successes are our successes. Every employee is mandated to be highly flexible and responsive to customers’ needs. We try to never say “no” to a customer request and we will not do so without first exhausting all possibilities.

While this might sound like run-of-the-mill business ‘motherhood’, we encourage you to ask our customers if we live up to this philosophy. We know what they will say.

Lifelong Partnership

Long after a partnership is forged, we continue nurturing the relationship by helping to solve on-going business challenges. Our pillars of success are our customers, our business and technical expertise and a traditional corporate philosophy that makes us easy to work with. We welcome the opportunity to get to know your business and explore the possibilities that only a truly customer-focused solutions company can offer.

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