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Pricedex® AutoPIM Pro™ is an enterprise-class PIM application bringing together an end-to-end solution for all aspects of Part, Product, Pricing and Catalog Management, and Data Synchronization to a broad number of catalog standards, including the Autocare Association ACES and PIES standards.

Now aftermarket suppliers, distributors and retailers can communicate synchronized product information throughout the supply chain, ensuring the right part, at the right price, is available with the right information at the right time – every time.

Field Service operations require a unique set of product information to ensure plant and equipment uptime, without which there is an enormous burden on the Service Group, the Customer, and the Manufacturer.

Not only is it imperative to know what parts are in the equipment ‘build’, but also what parts the equipment has been serviced with.  These are often quite different.

Frequently, field service methods include replacement with non-standard spare parts, or even ‘cannibalization’ of other equipment. Knowing the difference between ‘As Built’ and ‘As Serviced’ can result in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings in reduced down-time, rework, shipping, handling and services charges for critical replacement parts and service procedures.

Our AutoPIM Pro™ backbone

AutoPIM Pro™ provides the collaborative environment between the manufacturer and its Field Service Operations by providing the collaborative environment to share service parts lists, customer-specific parts pricing, technical bulletins, manuals, drawings, and other critical information in web-based Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM). The key advantage of our systems is to be able to update Equipment Bills of Material from the field to maintain and share the history of equipment ‘As Serviced’ versus ‘As Built’.

Our industry experience ranges from the maintenance of equipment history in the highly regulated aerospace sector, through the support of global parts logistics systems for industrial engines, generators, and other capital equipment.

When it comes to Industrial solutions for parts and field service, our long-standing experience with some of the world’s largest manufacturers assures companies of a clear path to successful deployment Field Service strategies, sales and margin growth, and customer retention.

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AutoPIM Pro™ for Commercial and Industrial Equipment is a comprehensive Product Information Management (PIM) and Pricing solution designed to get the key technical information about your products out to the service field. Maintain timely and complete information on As-Built and As-Serviced equipment to ensure the right part is available, at the right price and at the right time, to help reduce costly service events.

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