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Now aftermarket suppliers, distributors and retailers can communicate synchronized product information throughout the supply chain, ensuring the right part, at the right price, is available with the right information at the right time – every time.

Pricedex Software is a long-standing automotive aftermarket industry partner, and an industry leader in the development of its electronic commerce standards.

AutoPIM Pro™ is the Automotive Aftermarket’s leading end-to-end solution to streamline and optimize the product management value chain – from initial product research through to the automated publication of rich and replete product content.

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External reference data connectors

AutoPIM Pro™ has a series of Industry Data Connectors, to enable the automated loading and immediate utilization of Vehicle Parc data (IHS, EXPERIAN), the Autocare Brand Table and the Product Attribute Database (PAdb), along with, of course, the Autocare Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb), the Product Classification Database (PCdb) and the Qualifier Database (Qdb).  That, and special connectors for MOTOR’s OE Research data, and competitor data, and all the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) Code Tables; AutoPIM Pro™ provides a 360 degree workspace in which corporations can speed the time-to-market with new products, and accurate and replete content.

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Off-the-shelf and configurable beyond industry standards

With the industry-leading knowledge of Pricedex subject matter experts ‘baked-in’, AutoPIM Pro™ uses all the power of the Pricedex PIM Platform to enable companies to manage much more than just standards.

AutoPIM Pro™ features a Process Control Engine to enable a managed workflow between departments, as well as a robust Audit system to query what was changed, by whom, and when.


AutoPIM Pro MME™ is built to store all your product information, not just parts of it. Images, photos, product attributes, pricing, vehicle applications, and more, are managed in a single location, and files are generated from a single system, shared by your entire cataloging, image and data management teams.

Explore and benefit from the advantages of a system specifically designed to meet the complete needs of the automotive aftermarket, from the company who pioneered PIM solutions for the aftermarket.

Catalog Custom Vehicles

The AutoPIM Pro™ Master Vehicle tables enable you to create and maintain vehicles and equipment not found in industry libraries, expanding your potential reach and coverage into industrial, commercial, and other equipment.

Workspaces for Collaboration

An integral component of AutoPIM Pro is its Interchange, which provides a 360-degree shared view of Original Equipment and Competitor parts to your own Brands, while also enabling the comparison of product attributes and vehicle applications.  This shared environment facilitates shared work between Researchers, Product Managers, Catalogers and other product stakeholders.

Digital Asset Management

AutoPIM Pro™ also features Digital Asset Management, which enables the linking of digital assets to parts and vehicle applications, as well as all the features one would expect with digital asset management – image resizing and repurposing, automated renaming, metadata extraction, and more.

Trading Partner Management and Data Validation

Not all standards fit one size!  AutoPIM Pro™ features a powerful Trading Partner Module, which enables the profiling of what products and digital assets are sent to which Trading Partners, using a powerful mapping tool which enables the additional selection and validation against PIES and ACES versions, as well as a wide variety of non-standard file types, along with the conveyance of Net Change and Complete files.

Additional optional standards supported include AWDA, Edgenet, and GS1.

Publishing Engine Produces Print-Ready Publications

Also incorporated into AutoPIM Pro is a built-in publishing engine to enable the production of Print-Ready Application Catalog pages.  Organize the product category, part, and attribute sort order in a saved specification, and produce PDF catalog pages ready for inclusion in your print publications.

An advanced publishing option is also available, for the creation of cover-to-cover catalogs, indexes, and more..

Powerful Advanced Pricing Module

AutoPIM Pro™ has a powerful, optional Advanced Pricing Module which integrates with the core system, enabling such features as Competitive Pricing Analysis, Pricing Yields, Channel alignment, and Margin Optimization.

Our optional Supplier Module enables the receipt of Plant or Supplier bids for parts purchasing, and enables the comparison of bid costs, normalizing all bids to a base currency, landed cost, and packaging costs.

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