Pricedex® Data Partners

Pricedex Data Partners provide critical reference data to help you analyze market potential and provide industry code sets

AutoCare Association

Pricedex AutoPIM Pro™ has been developed with the Automotive Aftermarket in mind. Specific loaders are included for the following subscription and non-subscription reference databases:

  • VCdb – Vehicle Configuration Database
  • PCdb – Product Classification Database
  • Qdb – Qualifier Database
  • PAdb – Product Attribute Database
  • AutoCare Brand Table
  • AutoCare Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) reference tables.

IHS Automotive, Driven by Polk

If you are a subscriber to IHS VIO (vehicle in operation data), Pricedex AutoPIM Pro™ integrates your IHS data with both your part information and your vehicle application data. Get up-to-date VIO reports to incorporate in your application catalog data, and on the part record.

American Trucking Association – Technology Maintenance Council

Pricedex AutoPIM Pro™ for the Heavy Duty Industry incorporates a loader for the TMC’s VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards) Code Tables 31-33, permitting subscribers to load these tables for encoding and cataloging parts with their complete System, Assembly and Component coding.

MOTOR Information Systems

Subscribers to MOTOR research data can directly load WebCat reports into AutoPIM Pro™, and make the most of their OE data and cross-reference. Capture supersessions, carry-overs, and carry ups automatically with AutoPIM Pro integration with MOTOR data.

Experian AutoCount

Experian subscribers can load National, State or County data directly into AutoPIM Pro™, for exceptionally granular VIO analysis.

Industry Associations Partners

Pricedex Industry Association Partners help guide the aftermarket sector with market studies and industry practices

AutoCare Association

Pricedex Software, in partnership with the Autocare Association, provides the following services.

  • Heavy Duty Standards Study (HDDA)
  • Heavy Duty Standards Development (HDDA)
  • Heavy Duty Attribute (HDAdb) Website

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