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The Automotive Service Parts Industry has an incredibly complex process to bring its products to market, along with an increasingly complex and competitive multi-channel sales network.

In order to compete in the marketplace, manufacturers and resellers are compelled to increase parts coverage across vehicle and product lines, and to support improved store level inventories. The multiple disciplines required to identify the right parts, at the right place, at the right price, at the right time is exceptionally labor intensive, involving a large team of specialists.

AutoPIM Pro™ substantially reduces the labor intensiveness of this process, and is the only automotive aftermarket solution which provides a 360◦ collaborative environment for all data stakeholders in the company, combining access to critical industry reference data and standards, with controlled workflow to engage all parties involved in the preparation of market and support information.

One Single Source of the Truth

Working in harmony with your back-office systems, AutoPIM Pro™ integrates all sources of product information, creating one central and reliable repository that respects and maintains your existing product part configurations, pricing methodologies, and business rules. Although used by many in various disciplines within your organization, AutoPIM Pro™ ensures that all stakeholders are dealing with the same, accurate product information.  In other words, we put the lightning in the bottle.

First, our solution enables your business to harness and automate your product information management and processes. This functionality alone provides significant savings on publishing costs, data error corrections and improved information to your downstream customers. With AutoPIM Pro™, you will have the power to automatically and accurately publish all of your product, part and pricing information, in multiple languages and currencies, quickly and simultaneously across all media including the internet – from one single source.

Next, our solution enables the transformation of your product information processes into a cohesive and proactive management system by making product, part and pricing information visible and accessible to authorized users across your entire business. A single source of accurate product information allows for more informed, and therefore, higher quality decision-making, improved customer relations, and increased sales due to the ability to generate timely, accurate, and complete product and vehicle application information for customers.

In other words, we make your business better by making it easier for your customers to do business with you.

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Need a Product Information Management (PIM) solution for the Automotive Aftermarket? Look no further. AutoPIM Pro™ solutions are designed to incorporate key processes with key data, enabling Researchers, Product Managers, Pricers and Catalogers to collaborate on creating complete, rich content for products, while using Industry Standard data and data exchange methods to rapidly and accurately create, maintain and disseminate product information to trading partners and end customers. Pricedex® offers solutions for any size of company, and with any combination of industry standards.

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