Take control of your product, part and pricing information management, and benefit from increased revenue opportunities, lower selling costs and happier customers.

Pricedex solutions are grounded in our robust technology and our business expertise, and are easy to implement and provide a rapid and continuous return on investment. Most importantly, they make it easier for your customers and suppliers to do business with you.

Think of it as having the ability to catch lightning in a bottle. It is every company’s dream – the efficient hum of a business dynamically driven by a single and consistent source of accurate and dynamic product information. Not so easy though when you are tasked with managing thousands or even millions of discrete parts, in multiple configurations, for multiple markets, and in different languages and currencies. Too often, the hum is more of a hiccup caused by manual processes, duplication of efforts, inaccurate information, and ultimately, sub-standard service to your customers.

Did you ever stop to think how these hiccups are impacting your bottom line? Pricedex has.

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The Hidden Costs of a Forgotten Business System

The Four Pillars of PIM

Mastering the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Standards

Common Misconceptions about ERP

Case Study | Detroit Diesel Corporation

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